GRRL PAL Share ‘Vice’

grrl pal vice

Track Is Part Of Their Plan To Release One Song A Month For 2015.

Overblown has been following the progress of GRRL PAL for the best part of eight or nine months at this stage. The DIY synth pop duo have been successfully blowing through the ceiling for the duration of that time with perfect pop songs (Paradise, Radar, NGHT), and more contemplative material (Seeing Anything, Set Free) in their quest to release a new song every month.

This time they have gone for a marriage or melody with a touch of experimentalism on latest track ‘Vice’ which premiered over on Happy earlier today. The tracks combines big washes of synth, jazzy trumpet samples, jittery beats, vaguely Japanese sounding keyboard lines, and Jay LeKat’s ever wonderfully delicate vocals. This track is a couple of weeks late, but, we’ll forgive the duo, because well we love them too much.

For a piece of music that sounds so effortless, this is not its first incarnation. “It went through multiple version changes. It’s been called V7V2 mix 3 for ages, as in second version of version 7 third mix!” Adds LeKat “It started off more like a ballad, then Danny changed the beat and its vibe completely changed”. In keeping with Overblown’s love of music that has an ominous underbelly, ‘Vice’ is not as sweet as the big synths suggest. According to Danny, “VICE was written about all of that good or bad advice that you choose to follow or not to follow, those moments where you probably should have listened.”

Check out Overblown’s interview with vocalist with the duo Jay LeKat from earlier this year. The discussion veered from dildos to the future of music consumption!

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