Grrl Pal Stream “NGHT”

Grrl Pal’s name is a bit of a misnomer. I mean what would you expect from a group with “Grrl” in their name? Well, I expected feminist riot grrrl hardcore punk from Washington, DC! Instead Grrl Pal are a duo from Perth, Australia who specialise in synth heavy bedroom pop songs.

This turn of events is by no means a disappointment. “NGHT” is a gorgeous piece of unassuming synthpop. The melodies are catchy, but not ostentatious. Quite wonderful. On top of this, that video is pretty delightful. My enjoyment is perhaps due to my love for anything night related. This song would be a perfect post night out wind down track.

The duo are just back from the States, where they recorded with Parker Ighile. In an unusual step, they plan to release a song a month until the end of 2015 in lieu of a regular LP. “NGHT” is their latest release in this movement after last month’s “Paradise”.

Listen to “Paradise” below.

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