GRRL PAL Stream ‘Set Free’

grrl pal share 'set free'

‘Set Free’ is Australian pop duo GRRL PAL’s latest release in their quest to release one song a month for the duration of 2015. A more subdued, laid-back, and dreamy effort that its predecessors, ‘Set Free’ floats along leisurely. The track reminds me of going tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos in 2007 with my good friends Cathy and Claire, not a care in the world. Make sure to listen to their other releases: Paradise, Dare, and, Overblown’s favourite, NGHT.

When we interviewed Jay LeKat, singer with the duo, earlier this month she told us why they decided on this unusual release strategy: “We do think it helps to keep the media in the loop by putting out new music consistently. We wanted to keep people interested by releasing a new song every month by keeping people talking about us and maybe looking forward to the next release if they liked the previous one. And it keeps us writing!”

In relation to the new track, ‘Set Free’, producer with the duo, Danny K says the track draws on Western Australia’s Margaret River region as an influence, “The song is inspired by the peaceful and relaxing feeling of being Set Free when visiting the region. In contrast, the songs instrumentation is strongly influenced by Japanese electronic instruments & Damon Albarn.”

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