GR^VE: New Band of the Day #246


GR^VE’s new single ‘Distraction from Decay’ is out now.

Who: Seraph (lyrics and vocals) and Carbon (multi-instrumentalist).

What: Metalgaze/sludgegaze/dreamgaze.

Where: Not sure!

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Why: GR^VE are a duo that have “come together by a mutual understanding of our mortality.” Indeed their music does explore morbidity. Check out their latest single ‘Distraction From Decay’ as an essential. Progressing at a torpid pace, the track is a restrained and measured piece that offsets the angelic vocals of Seraph with the fuzzed up bass work of Carbon. The video, which is streaming below, is a perfect accompaniment to this atmosphere in its cold and naturalistic presentation.

‘Distraction From Decay’ is the duo’s third single following ‘Safe’ and ‘Resign Your Fate’. ‘Safe’ is the less imposing and more positive of the tracks with a more hopeful manner that includes the classic quiet verse/loud chorus combo that we all know and love. There might even be a major chord in there somewhere.

‘Resign Your Fate’, much as the title suggests, is more foreboding and fuzzy. What is common among all three tracks is the sludgy pace and Seraph’s lovely Chelsea Wolfe-esque vocals. Let’s see what they do next.

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