Guest List – Odonis Odonis: Post Plague Playlist

odonis odonis post plague playlist

New LP Post Plague  Out June 17 On Felte.

Throughout the first two singles (‘Needs’ and ‘Nervous’) from their upcoming third album Post Plague, Toronto based underground staple Odonis Odonis have been melding the harsh rhythms of industrial, the soundscapes of electronica and a distinctly melodic sensibility. At Overblown, we have found this combination enthralling and fascinating. With that in mind, we were intrigued as to what has been on the Odonis Odonis playlist while writing and recording Post Plague.

As expected they’ve come up with a belter of a playlist that includes everything from Silence of the Lambs to Al Jourgensen.

Odonis Odonis Live Dates:

07.08 San Diego, CA – TBA
07.09 San Francisco, CA – TBA
07.10 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
07.16 Haarlem, NL – Kliko Festival
07.27 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home (Nothing Changes)

More TBA

10. Gesaffelstein – Pursuit

Gesaffelstein Is a Paris based Dj and producer who reconnected hard techno to it’s industrial roots. This was a easy reference point for our new sound. Once I heard this track I instantly had brain sparks on how we could incorporate sounds we loved from old school industrial and modernize it. This video is incredible, classy and sexy.

9. TOBACCO – Streaker

This is basically made for me. It strangely reminds me of a musical representation of garbage pale kids. Melted 80’s nostalgia with a modern twist, nothing else sounds like this guy. Wearing his influences on his sleeve while still creating something entirely unique is basically our mantra. Directed by Eric Wareheim from Tim and Eric, this video is a perfect blend of creepy, intense and weird.

8. FKA Twigs – M3LL155X

This is what Pop should be in 2016. She is edgy bold and insanely talented. I feel like she’s breaking new ground with her sound. This EP / short film was really inspiring in every way.

7. Ministry – Over The Shoulder

I’ve been a Ministry fan since I was a kid so it’s hard not have a soft spot for this classic. Ministry’s Twitch feels like a transition point for the band and has a ton of really cool stylistic choices. Released in 1986, the album stepped away from the pop-oriented form of their previous album with Sympathy and moved toward a darker, more aggressive sound in the form of EBM. This is a go to record on our tours and was a starting point for where we wanted to go with our new sound. I read that they actually broke into a convenience store to make this video.

6. Container – Glaze

I love me some distorted drums and this dude knows how to bring them. Relentless analog beats, minimal production made this a instant fave on tour.

5. Vessel – Red Sex

I heard Vessel and Container back to back when Denholm (bass player in Odonis Odonis) had introduced it to us on tour. We were exploring a new approach to our sound and were looking to find contemporaries in what we trying to accomplish. This fit the bill perfectly.

4. Keita Juma – Holy

Late night Toronto Underground Hip Hop. I feel like this guy has been criminally overlooked. Yes Toronto has Drake, but Toronto also has a ton of cutting edge Hip Hop that only recently started getting some attention. I was blown away when Jarod played me both his records back to back one night. The mushrooms might have enhanced the experience, but the live show legitimized it. The late night afterparty feel was something I wanted to stay in for a while and a direction I feel we will go further into thanks to this guy. Don’t sleep on this.

3. Death Grips – Get Got

These guys break all the rules and I can’t thank them enough. They seem to be one of the only bands left that actually embody true punk rock. They also continue to raise a middle finger to record business, industry clichés and even fan expectation. I think they truly don’t give a fuck and I’m glad they don’t. We need more bands like this to exist. It’s become a dying breed of artist and we need more of them. The Money Store is a gem from front to back and a great reminder not to be so precious and just make cool shit, cause really who cares.

2. Nitzer Ebb – Murderous

My favorite workout music. The energy, intensity and minimal approach to this era of Nitzer Ebb is a force that still has a place today. This was the stuff that got people out on the dancefloor and let loose. The theory was something like this could still work live in 2016 and we are excited to find out.

1. Q Lazzarus – Good Bye Horses

This dreamy new wave gem has that perfect blend of dance and feel good nostalgia, but when it was matched with scenes of Buffalo Bill with his penis tucked between his legs it instantly became pretty disturbing. I’ve always loved that juxtaposition.

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