GUTTFULL – ‘#notallmen’ EP | Track by Track


#notallmen is out on July 20th.

Since releasing their explosive debut single ‘Arsehole’, GUTTFULL have been on a mission to turn heads with their brand of snarling punk-rock. Taking shots at Donald Trump as your introduction to the world is a bold move, and one that they’re following up with a gutsy EP that doesn’t shy away from tackling the tougher topics. With feminist and working-class anthems galore, they band will easily pull anyone in when such issues are conveyed with fists in the air hooks throughout.

We caught up with GUTTFULL ahead of the EP release so they could talk us through the stories behind each track on the EP.

1. Arsehole

This was the first song we released as a single, on 20 January, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. It seemed to fit the occasion. The video for the track was made by our (then) drummer Magnus, who set off around London wearing a Donald Trump mask and a Go-Pro, filming the reaction of Londoners to the new POTUS.

2. Keyboard Warrior

This is us turning the tables on the sexist internet trolls that hound female musicians. For the video, we crowdsourced genuine abusive internet comments left on our friends’ social media.

3. #notallmen

This one is for all the men who like to think of themselves as allies, but who really can’t think past their own noses, and refuse to acknowledge just how utterly shitty the patriarchy really is.

4. Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?

This song was based on a true story about a bloke who was cheating his arse off, but telling his girlfriend she was paranoid whenever she questioned why he was acting shady … a cautionary tale, always trust your gut!

5. Tits and Nails

We’re calling out the cat-callers. Seems sometimes like a woman can’t walk down any street without some guy yelling out a van, whistling out of a window, or muttering something sleazy as he walks by. It gets so much worse in the summer too – you go out without a coat and suddenly a load of men think they’ve got a right to comment on your body. It’s incessant. Terrifying when you’re walking alone at night. Embarrassing when you feel publicly inspected. And always infuriating.

6. Mafu

Mafu is a Samoan word meaning rotten, fetid. This song lists some of the people we’ve had a guttfull of … we might keep adding to this list though, there’s no shortage of mafu motherfuckers getting on our tits.

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