Hardcore: Listen to two new savage jams from Gouge Away

gouge away

New album Burnt Sugar out September 28th via Deathwish Inc.

Floridian hardcore quartet have recently shared two new songs from their upcoming new record Burnt Sugar. The first, titled ‘Only Friend’, is a short and blunt blast of hardcore fury. In just one minute and forty eight seconds the jam accelerates through fury, melody and insecurity. Witness the lyrics, “Paranoia comes knocking \ She’s my only friend \ Paranoia is here again \ She’s my only friend.”

The other song to be released is a tad more restrained. ‘Ghost’ is a trudging and imposing bass led tune that hypnotises and mesmerises in equal measure. More in 90s alt rock mode than fierce hardcore gear, the track is a reflective endeavour with a massive chorus. Defiant and cathartic.

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