Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #2

5 New Songs

Who says there’s no good new music out there?

Mike Simmons – Stars and Lights

This lad is based out of LA and plays a quite wonderful brand of fuzzed up alt country. ‘Stars and Lights’ is gleaned from his debut album Sunburn which was released in May. The track’s an up beat lo-fi, but not all amateurish, track that showcases Simmons’ impassioned and cracked vibrato along with his straightforward approach to writing memorable alt country songs. Did we mention that he plays all the instruments on the record? Well he does. This is wonderfully unembellished music that begs for a play at high volume on a quiet highway.

FFO: My Morning Jacket, Wilco, alt country.

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Lady Pills – ‘Eat Them’

“They say human tastes best frozen, I agree”. That’s quite an opening line from Boston based trio Lady Pills. The rest of the song is no less confrontational as it blasts through just over two minutes of fuzzy DIY punk. ‘Eat Them’ is the second single from their recently released debut album Despite, which dropped on July 8th via Babe City Records. They’ve only been together since last October, but already the band sound very accomplished as they explore their unique perspective on the scene, social responsibility, and life in the 21st Century.

FFO: Riot Grrrl, The Julie Ruin, Joanna Gruesome.

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Zobomaze – Fractal Vision

This Denver based group may sound like a fairly serviceable Tool knock off at first but wait for the saxophone! When it arrives, the whole thing takes a much more seductive turn. Suprisingly, Zobomaze’s combination of Tool’s prob/alt metal with the jazzy saxophone works remarkably well as they use the instrument to explore moods and tones that would normally be about a million miles away from the thunderous roar of the inspiration. Things to do in Denver when you’re dead? Go see Zobomaze.

FFO: Tool, Alternative Metal

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Kindatheart – Perception

Do you like jangly guitar? Lovely harmonies? Genuinely enthusiastic music? Excellent. Then you should probably have a listen to Austin, Texas quartet Kindatheart. Their track ‘Perception’ is a fun bounce through two and a half minutes of guitar based pop. Plus there’s something appealing about their EP cover. Listen below.

FFO: Jangle Pop, C86.

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Death & Rebirth – ‘Lotus Eater’

This rather intense individuals are a new post rock band from Portland, Oregan. I say post rock, but the music also touches a bit on post metal. They are fans of contrast. Hence the band name, the opposing masks the two band members wear in promo shots and the decision to name their debut EP Taijitu (that’s the Chinese ying and yang symbol for us laymen. Their debut track Lotus Eater is frankly epic exploring both light aand dark and everything in between over its 7 minute running time. An engaging and cathartic listen.

FFO: Explosions in the Sky, Cult of Luna.

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