Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #3

5 New Songs

Who says there’s no good new music out there?

Lié – ‘Failed Visions’

Lié are from Vancouver, BC. They’re a post punk trio that creates a driving, focused blast that is insistent and lo-fi. ‘Failed Visions’ is gleaned from their second album Truth or Consequences, which follows their debut Consent and a couple of EPs. Their debut album was a charged commentary on rape culture and helped open discourse around the topics it focused on. Now the trio aiming to explore some more personal topics exploring the contrast between the destructive and fragile aspects of the ego. Heady stuff. All in direct post punk tracks. Result.

FFO: Lo-fi punk, Joy Division, Eagulls.

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Candy Cigarettes – ‘Sweet Love’

Let’s just head slightly south to Portland, Oregan for one man band Candy Cigarettes (aka Lane Mueller). On a self titled debut album, Mueller has created an album that is drenched in atmosphere, melody, and a wonderful sense of ease. Taking cues from the lo-fi work of Jeff Mangum and Jeff Tweedy with a little hint of British Invasion, Mueller writes relatively short alt country/indie rock tracks that range from the upbeat ‘My 45’ and ‘The Party’s Almost Over’ to the more reflective and restrained ‘Sweet Love’ and ‘BackSeat’.

FFO: Alt Country, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco.

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Okoren – ‘Words’

“I was graduating from College engaged to a girl, and it fell apart dramatically weeks before the wedding. I spent the next months traveling the world with my laptop making music to understand what happened. This song came out of me on a plane traveling from NYC back to my home in Denver. I recorded the vocals into voice memos on my phone and made the entire song on my two flights home. The title “words” came from my inability to heal my ex-fiance’ with my words and my struggle to love, but let go.” That pretty much says it all. Have a listen.

FFO: Downtempo electronic, Tyco, Kygo.

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Rock Eupora – ‘I Wanna Be Alone’

Rock Eupora is the one man project of Mississippi native Clayton Waller. He loves a bit of DIY noisepop and indeed played all the isntruments on this album himself which is really impressive considering how energetic and live sounding the music is. His latest album In Soon The Sun Will Come is his second album, following his debut album Blanks which he recorded at home in Starksville. ‘I Wanna Be Alone’ is a joyous lo-fi blast of power chords and big choruses designed to be played at high volumes in small dive bars.

FFO: Fuzz Pop, Wavves, FIDLAR.

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Odina – ‘You Love Me, You Killed Me’

When it works, there is something absolutely spellbinding about one voice and one guitar. For Odina’s debut single ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’ she uses both to spellbind with ease, albeit with the subtle help of a string section. Her performance is a tour de force of delicacy and vulnerability as the simplicity of the track lays bare the most common of situations with the naked honesty that an Adele or Whitney Houston power ballad can’t even remotely hint at. Break ups are lonely and quiet, not melodramatic and overblown.

FFO: Singer songwriters, Joanna Newsom, Lisa Hannigan.

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