Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #4

5 New Songs

Men I Trust – ‘Lauren’

Sometimes a track works and there really is no explanation why. It seems that all the pieces simply fall into place with absolute and the song ends up being more than the sum of its parts. Such is the case with ‘Lauren’ by Quebec City’s Men I Trust. The track sports a subtle funk bass-line in line with Daft Punk, an understated beat ala Kavinsky, a guitar line that complements the melody wonderfully, and a simple but essential vocal contribution from singer Jessy Caron. The end result is a relaxed and seductive track that lures the listener in rather than attempting I more aggressive trap.

FFO: Electro pop, Daft Punk, Kavinsky.

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Sustains – ‘Star Fed’

Those who know Overblown well will know we’re suckers for fuzzy or chiming guitar, dreamy vocals, and lo-fi production. ‘Star Fed’ by California’s Sustains features all of these so really they were always a shoe in to get featured here. Oh, we totally forgot to mention the synth! It pops up towards the end rather unexpectedly. It kind of makes the track though.

FFO: C86, Alvvays, Best Coast.

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Orange Drink – ‘Carved By Glaciers’

Hailing from Wisconsin, Orange Drink is the project of one Drew Fernando. He aims to create a track in a different style of music every week. This means that one week he creates something dark and ambient like ‘Carved by Glaciers’ and next he’s aggressively jamming guitars all over pounding drums. This track is very similar to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ soundtrack work. However, the track is on a par with that work. Magical.

FFO: Dark Ambient, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross.

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Suzy Callahan – ‘See Through’

There’s something about the melody and chord changes in this track that just immediately grab my attention like my 5th class teacher used to seize me by the ear. Turns out he was not a nasty man, just withered after teaching for years and years. He hated children. I digress. The track also includes some very very subtle synth work by Scott Tyburski which wonderfully combines the earthy and grounded with the unnatural.

FFO: Folktronica, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver.

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-ToBy- – ‘Dru’s Intelude’

2016 is a very frightening time in America with divisions being exacerbated, police shooting seemingly innocent civilians, and now civilians taking revenge on police by ambushing them. ToBy, a South Miami rapper, aims to comment on the situation currently faced by black men and women in the United States and to shed light on how society got so backwards. With production by J Dilla, the track is more reflective than one might expect as ToBy reflects on how events in the States has left him physically and emotionally exhausted. Ultimately, it’s all very real.

FFO: Socially conscious rap, Mos Def, Arrested Development.

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