Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #5

5 New Songs

Undo – ‘Hollow Hands’

As far as debut singles go, rarely do they feel as fully realised and confident as ‘Hollow Hands’ from Glasgow’s Undo. Theirs is a noise that straddles alternative styles from both sides of the Atlantic, with the power chord blast of bands like Husker Du and Fugazi being mixed with the post punk vocal delivery of Jon King or Mark E Smith. The end result is something a lot more celebratory than our description would suggest.

FFO: Alternative Rock, Husker Du, Gang of Four.

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Ghost King – ‘Till You Belong To Me’

This one is a bit more lo-fi than Undo if that’s possible. With ‘Till You Belong To Me’, New York’s Ghost King blast through a short, melodic and belligerent track of 60s rock all wrapped up in the fuzzy guitars of the 80s/90s alternative movement. Think of Pavement if they were a little more unhinged, or Violent Femmes if they were a bit more tongue in cheek. In fact I swear a can hear a little homage to ‘Blister in the Sun’ in the drums at the very outset of the track. Regardless of all this name dropping, the group possess a singular ability to craft a lasting melody. Good times.

FFO: Lo-fi indie rock, Pavement, Violent Femmes.

Warhorns – ‘I Am The Sun’

And so continues our exceedingly guitar orientated mix today. This one bears a debt to that wonderful time when loud guitars, dissonance, and a pretty bad attitude were welcomed on rock radio. There is plenty of fuzzy guitars, huge bass and drums, and an abundance of melody going on here. ‘I Am The Sun’ is a vivid and enthusiastic three minute trip through what can be achieved with a couple of guitars and a knack for a catchy tune.

FFO: Alternative Rock, Nirvana, Tad.

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The Lamaas – ‘Bum Lyfe’

From Toronto, here we have a band who loves group vocals, Neil Young esque guitar riffs (no idea why I’m reminded of him), and the odd solo or two. ‘Bum Lyfe’ is a celebration of just being pretty much done with things I reckon and wanting to play guitars while not taking life too damn seriously. Who can’t identify with that? Especially when it’s wrapped in such an enthusiastic and banging package. That breakdown at the end is pretty inspired also. Mark Arm for the 21st Century.

FFO: Lo-fi Alt Rock, Mudhoney, Wavves.

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Acid Ghost – ‘All Alone’

Sticking to the more guitar orientated, but with a touch more reflection, Acid Ghost’s dream pop is the perfect way to wrap up this list. Their sound is warm but never overwhelming. It’s like that buddy of yours that is always a good time to hang out with and never outstays his/her welcome. It is definitely not that friend who always wants to ‘chat’ about something. I mean, Overblown is not against a heart to heart, but let’s have a little variety! A fine track.

FFO: Dream Pop, DIIV, Beach Fossils.

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