Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #6

5 New Songs

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

So, people in Japan absolutely love shoegaze and dreampop it seems. The scene out there is very strong with some stellar bands bringing a dreamy fuzz to Asia. Here’s a new one named Baby Fire. This Tokyo based three piece, have a real gem on their hands here in ‘Water’. The track is endearingly lo-fi, the vocals, delightfully, are in Japanese (I think) and English which adds an added otherworldly dimension to proceedings, and somehow the song has a gently soaring chorus which seems to be about the band love water.

FFO: Shoegaze/dreampop, Beach House fronted by Shonen Knife.

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False Heads – ‘Slew’

The word ‘slew’ is one of Overblown’s favourites. So evocative and kind of gross. It’s fair to say there aren’t a slew of bands like False Heads. Iggy Pop loves them, Gary Powell of the Libertines signed them to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label, and they were offered Pete Townshend’s studio to record in. Nay too shabby. ‘Slew’ and another track ‘Thick Skin’ were the first tracks to emerge from recording there. ‘Stew’ is a fine mixture of some British punk snottiness, grungy melody, and QOTSA riffing towards the end. It also does a grand balancing act between lo-fi and produced.

FFO: Alternative Rock, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age.

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Tok Sik – ‘Penny Pinchin’

And now for something completely different. Here’s some chilled out hip hop from Arizona’s Tok Sik (pronounced toxic). Here’s a tale of being skint but still being happy to lay down your last dollar for the lady in your life. According to the man himself this is, “A concept I can very much relate to as I am a college student who pays for quite a bit to make life easier for me and my lady.”

FFO: Alternative hip hop, Nas, Kanye West.

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Shacar – ‘Ghost’

Sticking with the hip hop vibe, we’ve got the New York based poet/emcee/singer Shacar. His track ‘Ghost’ is about being hung up on someone who has left your life and it is as cinematic as it is heartfelt. Shacar’s wonderful vocal is supplemented by a some simple piano chords, a laid back drum beat and lots of harmonies. Apparently, Shacar means dawn. FYI. Shacar’s new EP Chapter Two: Absent Hotel, 9PM is available now for free via AudioMack.

FFO: Alternative hip hop, Mos Def, Talib Kweli.

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Digit + Stas – ‘Earthed’

Another left turn here with Digit + Stas and the experimental soul track ‘Earthed’. This is a somewhat unnerving but also quite beautiful project emanating from New York. ‘Earthed’ is a glitchy, moody track with industrial clicks and clanks over a soft string piece with slightly altered soulful vocals over the top. The overall effect is quite unsettling as if an old soul standard is being feed into a wood chipper. Genuinely unique.

FFO: Industrial soul, FKA Twigs, James Blake.

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