Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #8

5 New Songs

Shallows – ‘Pale’

What would you make of shoegaze mixed with pop? We’re calling it popgaze. That’s what is on offer from Liverpool based trio Shallows. ‘Pale’ is their debut single and it sports an inviting balance between the rawness of shoegaze and the pop sensibilities and slickness of modern indie rock. While the track absolutely wears its influences on its sleeve proudly, it possesses a euphoria and confidence that makes the end result pretty much irresistible.

FFO: Shoegaze/pop, Ride, Swervedriver.

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TESHA – ‘So Alive’

TESHA (aka Neta Tia Elisa) has a pretty fascinating and engrossing proposition for you. Marrying a euphoric and blissful sound with the theatricality of her idols Kate Bush and FKA Twigs, this Tel Aviv based artist presents a rhythmically inventive and melodically dynamic offering in ‘So Alive’, the first single from her upcoming EP Dreams Vol. 1. Her graceful and refined delivery is matched only by how inviting and warm her sound is. I suppose music inspired by vivid dreams, the American Beat movement and Japanese classical music is bound to be intriguing. For it to be this engaging is an added bonus.

FFO: Alternative R&B, FKA Twigs, Grimes.

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Julia Jacklin – ‘Leadlight’

On ‘Leadlight’, it is all about Julia Jacklin’s warm and and rich vocals. They possess little urgency and have an effortlessly confident quality that is reminiscent of Dolly Parton or a slightly more controlled Joni Mitchell. The track itself is a laid back and sometimes dreamy alt country number that has just enough twang balanced with the more modern trappings of indie folk.

FFO: Alt country, Angel Olsen, Alabama Shakes.

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There’s a melancholic weight to ‘ITHNKTooMuch’ by Detroit based songwriter and producer THNK VOID. That’s hardly a surprise as THNK VOID told Overblown, “Its very feeling-driven for me. I had a close friend who was kind of like my first fan commit suicide – and as a response to that I created THNK VOID in order to honor him. To not let him down. So this song is kind of like the catharsis and an apology all rolled together.” A beautiful way to honour a lost friend.

FFO: Alternative R&B, James Blake, Chet Faker.

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Tiger Mountain – ‘My Heart Is At War’

A very good friend of Overblown always asserts that there is no good luck. Things don’t just happen. He maintains if you work hard, you make your own good luck. It’s hardly revolutionary but seems particularly apt when discussing electronic group Tiger Mountain. Basically, Tiger Mountain were playing at a New York art exhibition and singer/songwriter Kate Marstrand just happened to be there. They all bonded over a mutual love for artists from Portishead to Battles. The result is ‘My Heart Is At War’ and a new EP on the horizon. I love it when a plan comes together.

FFO: Trip hop/chillwave, Portishead, Washed Out

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