HawkBastard Explain It All: Themselves and Their Discography.


Cork space rock / psych rockers Hawkbastard are weird as balls and fascinating. So we asked them to explain what exactly they’re trying to achieve. Make sure to check them out this Saturday when they play the Spailpin Fanach in Cork!


The name HawkBastard is a cross between Hawkwind and Bastard. Supposedly Lemmy wanted to call his new band Bastard after he was thrown out of Hawkwind but someone advised him that he wouldn’t get to play on Top of the Pops with that name so he changed it to Motorhead. We took it for ourselves as it’s highly unlikely we’ll be playing TOTP anytime soon either.

We all have different influences in the band but seem to veer towards improvised space rock garnished with copious amounts of ambient soundscapes, dub, sludge and bone crunching hardcore. We formed around 3 years ago and we jam in a log cabin in Crosshaven on a farm in an area called the Hill of the Goats. We have hours and hours of improvised music already recorded and never (if ever) play the same song twice. HawkBastard comprises of four veterans of the alternative music scene including two of the greatest front-men over the last ten years: Mick O ‘Reilly and Phil Langero from the bands Ilya K and Los Langeros/Bisect respectively.

1. Fuck Chants of the Forest Vermin

Our latest release Fuck Chants of the Forest Vermin is just a few tracks from our most recent jam so people will have some sort of idea where we’re at right now. It’s kinda loose, kinda sloppy but has that secret Hawk magic that we seem to manifest every time we get behind our instruments.

2. Avalon and Hawkfilth

Our older material Avalon (the outlaws of Knocknagore) and HawkFilth (a trilogy in 2 parts) were written with a nod to the concept album tradition with the background of timeless themes of salvation and retribution interweaving of various musical themes throughout. Where the protagonist HawkBastard (an inter dimensional Hawk of great power) was kidnapped and raised by crows and undergoes a psychological/sexual process of self discovery and self realization before he can save planet Earth from destruction.

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