Headphone Hair Shares ‘Signs’

Debut EP If This Means You…  Out Now.

It doesn’t really get more organic that the genesis of alt folk project Headphone Hair. Three years ago Ian Walters, a native of Oakland, California, hurt his knee. As part of his convalescence he learned how to play guitar. Turns out that he really liked the songs he wrote and, to be fair, they are pretty damn good. With the help of two friends, Rob Marshall and Nic Gracia of The Canvas Group, Walters was able to craft these songs into something that other people might enjoy too. Makes the whole thing sound very easy.

The EP came out in late August, and Walters has been working on an LP for about a year too. He just wants to make headphone albums and continue to improve. Check out the track ‘Signs’ above.

Find Headphone Hair on Bandcamp.

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