Have You Heard This? 5 New Songs We Love #1

5 New Songs

It’s Saturday and I’m nursing a wine hangover. Luckily it was quite a lovely shiraz. So don’t be expecting any punk bangers on this list today. It’ll be relatively subdued.

Mons Vi -Want Me Too

Let’s get things rolling with Brooklyn New York based collective Mons Vi. Spearheaded by Matthew Hershoff, they released their latest single ‘Want Me Too’ at the start of July. It’s a laid-back, relaxed, and romantic track about wanting to be wanted. Isn’t that what we all want? Universality reigns here. The track also features very odd artwork depicting an older woman hugging what I think is a chimp while a gentleman, who could be a zookeeper, looks on with a jealous twinkle in his eye. The rest of their music runs the gamut from funk to garage rock but tends to be pretty restrained and pretty in general.

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Ben Meyerson – ‘Frost’

Now for some rather lovely indie folk from Toronto. There are two things I love about this Ben Meyerson track: the little vibrato on Meyerson’s creaky voice that sneaks out every so often, and the open tuned guitar. You cannot beat and open tuning. Not even with a big stick. The song appears on his EP Euhemerism which was released at the tail end of last month. Apparently, Euhemerism is the belief that all mythology originates as interpretation of real people and events. It was developed by the Greek philosopher Euhemerus who loved sometimes in the 4th and 3rd century BCE. There you go. Learning.

The Flight – Sarah

This ones a bit more upbeat but only a little. The Flight are a duo consisting of Joe Henson and Alexis Smith who got going in 2013. This is the title track from their latest EP which was dropped late last month via Apologetic Records. It’s their third. The track begins as a relatively up tempo indie folk number before giving a hint at the duo’s potential with the song’s expansion into a more cinematic scope with synth lines, beats, and a rather unforeseen climax.

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Maison Hall – The Pier

These Maison Hall people originate from Brisbane in Australia and are led by Joe Kneipp who is only 21. Fair dues to him. And them. ‘The Pier’ has a distinctly Death Cab For Cutie vibe in its emotional heft and slow burning indie rock. It’s anthemic is what I’m saying. That’s fine with us because, well, Death Cab For Cutie are wonderful. It’s taken from the group’s debut album It Was Never About Me released last February.

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Vansire – Postal Codes

This dreampop band from Minnesota has just two members: Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller (best surname ever). Their track ‘Postal Codes’ has a distinctly laid back vibe and simply reeks of Captured Tracks. Apparently, they both love a bit of Kendama. That’s a Japanese toy with three cups, a ball, and a spike that fits into the ball. It’s kind of like that classic cup and ball toy. They also like swimming pools and hand sanitiser. Those rascals.

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