Have You Heard This? Violetic – ‘Figure It Out’

violetic figure it out

‘Figure It Out’ Is Out Now Via Bandcamp.

I wonder have you ever thought about what shoegaze would sound like if it was mixed with goth? Ponder no longer! London’s Violetic have answered that question with their latest single ‘Figure Out It’. The track is a slow burner that begins with ominous guitar feedback, a plodding bass line, and a vocal that is reminiscent of Thom Yorke if he had been best mates with Robert Smith. Slowly, the entire endeavour becomes more and more intense with chiming guitars, circular drums and a rather cathartic crescendo. Introspective and yet anthemic.

The group told us this about the track, “The feeling of the song was caused by the overwhelming sense of being chased constantly by your demons and forms part of a narrative that will be continued in the release of future singles this year. A video directed by Norwich artist Danny Bokenham is upcoming shortly.”

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