Helen Love Shares Charity Xmas Single

It’s that most wonderful time of the year when Helen Love has a new single out and this time it’s along with some friends. All proceeds will go to The Trussel Trust. ‘The Townhall Band’ couldn’t be more Christmas if it had been written by Santa and performed by a band of elves. What’s even better is that Santa was overlooked as a guest on the track in favour of Tim from Ash and Andrea from the Darling Buds amongst others.

The Welsh day-glo heroes have also announced that they’ll record their 8th album in 2016 for none other than the marvellous Alcopop Records. That sounds like a partnership made in heaven. Expect a new album around April.

You can listen and watch the video to ‘The Townhall Band’ above but the whole point is to do a bit for charity so PLEASE, PLEASE go and buy this track, it’ll cost you all of a quid. The Trussel Trust work with local communities to combat poverty, a cause that’s absolutely vital all year round as well as at Christmas. Enjoy and do your bit.


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