Help Phosphene fund their Breaker EP

Phosphene Breaker

Oakland band Phosphene have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their next EP Breaker. Here at Overblown we feel duty bound to help them out because: A) We’re cool like that & B) We wanna hear the new record asap. Regular readers should be familiar with the charming dreamy indie-pop of Phosphene who’s music we’ve shared previously and who were kind enough to give us their time for an interview earlier this year.

So what’s in it for you? Well, there’s the music of course. Check out a couple of tracks from Phosphene on this very page. Then there’s the other benefits available depending on how many $$$s you can put towards the cause. Top of the list donations get you a limited edition Phosphene poster designed by singer / illustrator Rachel Frankel and that’ll be pretty special going by her other work which you can see at her website and underneath this article in this quite stunning bit of design for previous single ‘Be Mine’.

We’ve done our bit. Now over to the band. Head right on over to their INDIEGOGO page, watch their video where they explain what’s what and get your wallet out. It’ll make you feel good about yourself. Enjoy!

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Phosphene Be Mine