The History of Colour TV – ‘Wreck’ | Overblown Track Premiere

the history of colour tv wreck

‘Wreck’ is out 25 November via Cranes Records and Weird Books.

The first track to be released from Berlin alternative rock trio The History of Colour TV’s upcoming third album is one of unnervingly coiled and tense claustrophobia. ‘Wreck’ possesses a swirling, circular guitar line that is complemented by a controlled and terse drum beat and a subtle bass line with a under stated groove. Slowly unfolding and becoming increasingly more and more unhinged, the track culminates in a cathartic and impassioned denouement that builds to a purgative crescendo of near noise.

Listen to ‘Wreck’ and its b-side ‘August Twenty First’ below.

The lyrics for ‘Wreck’ are equally disturbing. Coming across like some kind of twisted episode of acclaimed TV show Black Mirror, the song seems to depict the desctruction of a group of friends due to discontent and indifference. The narrator, a member of this group of friends, seems to display absolute helplessness at the group’s united inability to affect positive change. A number of bizarre descriptions ensue, culminating in a car crash and their fate remains unclear.

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The band’s third album Something Like Eternity is set to be released in early 2017 on Cranes Records and Weird Books.

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