The Holiday Crowd – ‘I Need This Bed To Myself’ | Overblown Premiere

the holiday crowd

Self titled album out December 9th via Shelflife Records.

Jangle pop quartet The Holiday Crowd may hail from Toronto, Canada, but it is far from North America that the group draw their influences. ‘I Need This Bed To Myself’, the latest track to be released from their upcoming self titled album, bears the looping guitar jangle of The Smiths and the distracted lethargic vocals of post punk. Perhaps this is due to the fact that half of their members hail from the UK and Ireland, from whence the soul of indie rock originates. The other half can’t quite explain why they love British music so much, but they bloody well do.

“This was originally written with a glam rock vibe to it until we switched up the chords to play quicker and faster, “the band says about the new track. “It came to us pretty quickly after the change. Sometimes you gotta go with what feels natural and post punk is the vibe we’re most comfortable with.”

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