How To Fuel Up And Get Yourself Festival Ready

We know – we get it – festivals are all about the music, but let’s not pretend there won’t be a substantial amount of alcohol involved. Soft drinks in the sunshine are all well and good, but once the vibe has been ramped up a bit the only thing you’re going to want in your hand is something that poses a serious threat to your sobriety. The trick, of course, is to get the right kind of drunk and the best way to do that is by fuelling up in advance. So, want to keep yourself on the ideal side of tipsy with just enough energy to dance the day away? Then here are three food choices we’d recommend.

Pork teriyaki

Source: Pixabay

Your festival attendances should be some of the most exciting events in your summer itinerary, so it’s natural that you want to make as much of them as you can. One ingenious way to do this is by drawing the celebrations out with a proper pre-gig blowout. We’re talking about treating yourself to some seriously good food, so get the gang together and prepare to indulge. Pork teriyaki is a perfect choice and our favourite comes from Yo!Sushi. You might head to your nearest restaurant or else order it straight to your door, but either way it’s tasty, tender and filled with enough starch to soak up the booze – even if you overindulge somewhat. This oriental Asian mainstay is a pick you won’t regret.


Source: Pixabay

There’s a reason hamburgers and hot dogs are sold at every outdoor event in existence and that’s because they go perfectly with sunshine, sangria and some less than ideal life choices. Perfect for filling your belly and fuelling you up ready for hours of festival fun, they’re also great for eating in company. Assuming the weather gods bless you with some sunshine, the best way to enjoy them is fresh off the barbecue, so get everyone round to your house, head on out to the garden and turn up the tunes. Or invite them round to your tent: a portable barbecue is an excellent way to get your hamburger fill at a festival, without those exacerbated stall prices. Wherever you are, forget pre-drinking: the hottest new trend around is the pre-gig gig and you’re about to introduce it to a load of like-minded people who never knew they needed it so badly.

Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes

To the vegans and vegetarians out there, don’t think we’d forgotten you! Festival fun is for everyone and, in the spirit of the peace and love that pervades every summer gig around, we wanted to make sure you were all included. That’s why mouth-watering Mediterranean sweet potatoes are on our menu of fabulous foods to fuel up on. A nice, stodgy carbohydrate to soak up any excess and leave you feeling just the right level of inebriated, this delicious dish is easy to whip up, universally beloved and will serve as many as you need it to.

Isn’t your belly rumbling at the thought? Now tell us, which of these delicious dishes are you going to sample first?