Hypoluxo – ‘Taste Buds’ EP | Track by Track


The ‘Taste Buds’ EP is out.

Hailing from Brooklyn-via-Florida, post-punk/dream-pop band Hypoluxo are crafting an intriguing sound on their latest release, their Taste Buds EP. Combining the fraught drive and vocal coldness of post punk with the ethereal and somewhat cheery flavours of dream pop, the group create a sound that is both familiar and new. No mean feat.

We talked to Sam Cogen (vocals & guitar) about each track on the EP.

1. Sometimes

A song that developed so naturally. All about that bass on this track. Got a solid lead riff and went from there. Wrote the song about Never wanting to do anything but sleep. Everyone wants to take a break from there lives once in a while and nothing is much better than just forgetting about it all with a pillow and blanket. Tried to keep the recording as much live as possible. Added some soft textural things like piano underneath certain parts to give it a little more beef. Doing a good balance of high ad low vocals for the harmony in the chorus was a critical part of the recording.

2. Cowboy Poet

Song about John boy. This song was written for our former guitarist John. He moved on from the band to pursue his own goals. We as a band moved to New York together from south Florida and I really wrote it about the excitement and terrifying feeling of trying something new and moving on from things. I put it in the perspective of a small town cowboy who tries to grow out of his life and pursue a bigger dream in a big city.

3. Nevada


This song started with a line I heard in “what we talk about when we talk about love” by Raymond carver. The line was nothing’s crazy about Nevada. We were on tour at the time and I kept thinking about home and how it can get some lonely on tour that it feel like you lost your way and are alone in a desert. None of us have ever even been to Nevada lol. Very fun song to record. Digital drums throughout the track and our buddy Adam from triathalon helped out with a great guitar lead for the choruses

5. Dog Park

Marco (drummer) said to me once he wanted to take a date to the dog park. Thought it would be a good title of a song. The idea of the song is getting to know someone but still hard to open up because of your own insecurities. I’ll talk back if you say that about my arms and about my legs is referring to a growing disorder I was born with called beckwith wiedemann syndrome and how it wAs hard for me to accept myself growing up and how hard it was to accept and get comfortable with other people when I was so unconscious about myself. This was a fun song to record. We added lots of washy keys parts and to make the droned out jam in the end more lo fi we added whales sounds into the mix. Also added vibraslap which we were not sure if it would work and ended up being pretty awesome.

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