ILS: New Band of the Day #241


ILS’ debut album Curse is out July 3rd via Pogo Records.

Who: Tom Glose (vocals), Nate Abner (guitar), Tim Steiner (drums) and Adam Pike (bass).

What: Noise rock.

Where: Portland, Oregon.

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Why: Pronounced ‘ilz’ and hailing from Portland, Oregon, noise rock quartet ILS arrive fully formed and ferocious. They’ve released three singles from their upcoming debut album Curse so far and each one displays a band that is fully confident in their modus operandi. Take album opener ‘Bad Parts’. Exploding with a barrage of pounding drums, visceral guitar and aggressive vocals, the track is a powerful statement of intent at just over two minutes. There’s catchiness in the heaviness though. This isn’t noise for the sake of noise.

‘White Meat’ continues in the same vein of disgusted power. However, here the band display a knack for more off-kilter and angular riffs. Coming in at just over three minutes, there is even time for a brief breakdown and rebuild that culminates in an intense outro dominated by a terrifying scream from Tom Glose.

Elsewhere, the video for ‘No Luck’ demonstrates their ferocity live and sees the group head into more metallic territory. So far, ILS are an unrelenting prospect that doesn’t give an inch. Let’s hope the rest of the album can meet the high standards they’ve already set!

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