How to impress a girl with a song.

“I’ve never had this before!” Have you ever heard such words from a girl? If you look at most guys, how they behave when trying to seduce girls, you can see that they are just trying to “buy” their interest or somehow convince girls that they have to start dating only with them (see more on this girls dating site). Many behave tritely, ask the same standard questions, give flowers on a first date and invite to dinner in a restaurant. But all this is very banal. You have to surprise girls so that they remember it for a long time. And this can be done by writing a song for a girl.

Songs can be written in different ways. Some start with composing music, others start with a text. And sometimes music and lyrics may come to your mind at the same time. A good song is not so easy to write. And it is even harder to do if we are talking about a love song because you need to put your feelings into words. What do you need for making a song successful?

· Emotions

Love is about emotions and feelings. They must overwhelm you. Thus, a song will be emotionally colored and beautiful. You should start to compose a song at the peak of your emotions. And a song sounds special if it is written by a loving person.

· Feelings

Show her what you feel about her. Sing about your changes, that you are no longer the same person as you were when you met. She has to understand that she plays a big role in your life and helps you become a real man. Every woman will feel pride if she feels that her man changes for her and for a relationship!

· Concentration

Your thoughts shouldn’t be occupied by anything other than writing a song and the image of a loved one. Otherwise, the process will not work. A girl is your muse. When this muse left a clear imprint of your work (namely, in the text of your future song), grab a paper with a pen and a guitar, run to an empty and quiet room and create. A small photo of a loved one in a frame on a table can increase the productivity of your work.

· Beautiful words

All women love when their men tell them how beautiful they are. So, one more good way is to write texts that praise her beauty. For example, if she has the most beautiful and sparkling eyes and you just can’t ignore that fact, then write exactly about it. If she has a pretty smile or her hair drive you crazy, describe it in your song. Women love compliments. Your girl will be happy when you sing such pleasant words about her appearance

· Inspiration

Do you remember the brightest moments in your relationship? Do you remember when you saw her for the first time, when you kissed or made love? Think about your first quarrel and how you make up after this. All this will serve as an inspiration for you to write exclusive lyrics for your lovely girl. One more thing that you can do is to listen to some of the best love songs. Look at how songwriters compose songs about love. Try to do the same thing when you start writing.

· Uniqueness

Very important advice of how to impress a girl by a love song is not to allow plagiarism. Don’t copy words from famous love songs. Use words and phrases that describe your true feelings. Your girl may not like when she finds out that a particular song, which has to be dedicated to her, in fact, is someone else’s! If you don’t have a rich vocabulary, use a dictionary. But in any case, don’t copy from other songs.
After you come up with something, be sure to record your future song on your recorder so that you don’t forget it.

If you want your song makes a great impression on your chosen one, you also have to learn how to play this song without looking at the fingerboard of the guitar or any other instrument. You should look in the girl’s eyes, sing sincerely and you will succeed!