Indie folk: Laura Stevenson shares new track ‘Living Room, NY’

Laura Stevenson

Laura Stevenson’s new album The Big Freeze is out March 29th via Don Giovanni Records.

Punk royalty Laura Stevenson has been fairly quiet since the release of her last album in 2015. However, all that is at an end with the release of the first single from her upcoming fifth album The Big Freeze. Titled ‘Living Room, NY’, it is a stripped down track that allows Stevenson’s vulnerable lyrics and delicate voice to shine.

Recorded on Long Island in Stevenson’s childhood home, the album, like her previous effort Cocksure, was recorded with Joe Roger. She had this to say about the process of recording in the place she grew up: “There we could isolate ourselves and work on our own time, getting the best and most honest version of each song; every track began with just me singing and playing the guitar. All of the other instrumentation was built on top of that; strings, horns, organs, pianos, percussion, etc., but every note played was meant to serve what the song was saying. It was a really beautiful experience for me to make this record; it focuses on trying to heal old wounds, trying to stay hopeful, and trying not to let myself disappear.”

The Big Freeze track-list:

01 “Lay Back. Arms Out.”
02 “Value Inn”
03 “Living Room, NY”
04 “Dermatillomania”
05 “Hum”
06 “Rattle At Will”
07 “Hawks”
08 “Big Deep”
09 “Low Slow”
10 “Perfect”

The Big Freeze is out 29th March via Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here.

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