Is Indie Music the Future of Online Gaming?

Utilitarian applications of music have been unrightfully shunned aside by most artists, with the most prominent reason being a lack of freedom. However, things seem to be changing, as more and more artists are open to the idea of providing bespoke works of art for an unlikely purpose – online casino games. Industry experts believe that this niche is a unique chance for indie rock and electronic music artists to make a name for themselves.

A Fusion of Senses

Music and gaming have always been a match made in heaven. While all the flashing lights and animations serve to make each game more vibrant and lively, music serves either as the missing piece or even an antithesis to the overall mood, if the sounds are relaxing, that is. Scientists have even determined that the C key evokes feelings of unhappy love and nostalgia.

As perplexing as it may sound, nostalgia is a key component of gaming as a whole. Many games, mainly slots, have a distinct theme to them. Whether it’s Norse mythology or a 1930s film noir type of theme, it’s essential to use sounds as a means of mentally transporting the player to a different place and, ultimately, a different era.

The 2020s are posed to be the most innovative decade of all time, at least when it comes to gaming. One reason for this bold prediction is the never-ending growth of the relationship between gaming brands and independent music artists.

Everybody Wins

Today, even the best UK online casinos have a problem with monotonous music. Several websites have identified this as a key issue that affects the UX as a whole. As a solution, developers have been reaching out to bands and musicians in order to acquire unique pieces of music.

For developers and online casinos, this is an opportunity to improve the overall feel of a game by being in control of the whole atmosphere. Instead of incessant 8-bit tracks featuring two or three notes, bespoke songs and soundtracks can be made so that they fit the developer’s idea. This allows for a more expansive musical presence, with several hours of music providing an infinite number of possible combinations with certain actions, accomplishments, or other sound effects. Basically, indie music artists can expand the atmosphere of a casino game and finalize its character. But what’s in it for them?

Even though individual artistic expression should always be a priority, working with casino game developers gives young artists an opportunity to earn a pretty penny and add another notch to their expanding resume. With game niches numbering by the hundreds, there is room for every genre to be extensively featured and covered.

That’s why we believe there are ample opportunities to explore, with benefits for both sides being more than apparent. Developers are looking for an infusion of uniqueness for their games and independent music artists are the best people for the job. Expect to see more collaborations like this in the future, as the synthesis between these two industries grows stronger by the day.