Folk: Hiperson Debut New Track ‘An Introduction to the Environments’ As Part of Compilation Record

Hiperson from left to right: Wang Boqiang, Wang Minghui, Chen Sijiang, Liu Zetong, Ji Yinan. Photography by Hiperson.

The new track and compilation Rhyming Slang is available now on Bandcamp.

Chengdu post-punk/indie rock/Chinese folk group Hiperson – whose 2020 album Bildungsroman received a glowing review here on Overblown – released a new track ‘An Introduction to the Environments,’ charting deeper into Chinese folk music as the band continues their evolution into one of the most arresting rock acts today. ‘An Introduction to the Environment’ balances a tranquil folk lullaby with tribal percussions and a bleating unlike anything across their discography.


The track is part of a new Japanese/Chinese music compilation Rhyming Slang, which also features 工工工 (Gong Gong Gong) covering President Piano Co. and an indie-pop take on Pixies‘ ‘Here Comes Your Man’ by Deadbeat Painters. The indie rock compilation is available to order from Japan on the Rhyming Slang Bandcamp.


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