Indie Rock: Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers Share ‘ILYIS pt 2’

mel bryant & the mercy makers

Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers’ self-titled debut album is out now.

Nashville, Tennessee based indie rock outfit Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers have shared a new track from their recently released self-titled debut album. A slow-burning and emotionally raw effort, the track builds from a minimal start led by near spoken-word vocals to a crescendo that includes one of the most damn cool and intense guitar solos we’ve heard in ages. Check out their self-titled debut album. It is an accomplished and cathartic listen that is tinged with mournful southern rock.

The band on the song, “‘I Love You I’m Sorry pt 2 (ILYIS pt 2)’ is a declaration of self-deprecation inspired by songwriter Mel’s own failings in her personal relationships. It’s no secret that women tend to apologize, a lot, as a knee jerk response to any issues that may arise. Mel noticed this happening at a worrisome level, and she started to look inward, after thinking for so many years that her problems were external, that it was everyone else’s fault that she felt the way she did. This album, and the evolution from the “Part 1″ of this song, the previous track on their album, was a revelation for Mel — her excessive apologies were a result of her lack of self-esteem, shocking for a career performer and a seemingly confident stage presence. This track was recorded live in the Mercy Makers’ home studio; a raw, vulnerable track that leaves it all on the table, featuring Mel’s visceral lyrics, soaring lead guitars and thunderous drums.”

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