Indie Rock: The Kestrels share mighty new track ‘No Alternative’

The Kestrels

Self-titled album out September 30, 2016 on Sonic Unyon Records

What do you know about Halifax, Nova Scotia? Well, I know it is in Canada. That’s about it. Apparently, there was also an enormous explosion there in 1917 when the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship carrying munitions, collided with the Belgian Relief vessel SS Imo in “The Narrows” between upper Halifax Harbour and Bedford Basin. 2,000 people were killed and another 9,000 were injured. Bloody hell. Perhaps, that is where the tension in the latest track from Halifax natives The Kestrels stems from. A hazy, fuzzy, and melodic number, and titled ‘No Alternative’ it is imbued with enough melody and confidence to carry a stadium. Having said that, it lacks arrogance so probably won’t make it that far. No matter, we can always enjoy it ourselves.

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