Indie Sludge: Kal Marks Share Video For ‘Coffee’

Life Is Alright… Everybody Dies Out Now on Midnight Werewolf + Exploding In Sound Records.

When you are a band that manages to write thick and thunderous sludge/noise rock and combine it with a delicate soul, you’d be forgiven for patting yourself on the back. That’s exactly what Boston trio Kal Marks manage to do on latest single ‘Coffee’. Opening with a molasses slow guitar riff and a cavernous bass line, the track feints the listener into expecting a pummeling, unrelenting song of murky fury. However, the song quickly takes a detour into a more reflective and forlorn verse. Eventually, over the course of just over seven minutes, the track blossoms into a cathartic, purgative exploration that hints at the grandeur of post rock, albeit filtered through frenzied and tumultuous cacophony. Remarkable.

The video, directed by Sheree Chen, explores the uncertainty and difficulties of commitment.  The crushing riffs and propulsive rhythms of the track wonderfully counteract the rather plaintive and understated clip which shows a couple who seem to be having trouble communicating. Essentially, the music shows the disorder and unrest that can often go unspoken within any relationship.

Kal Marks US Tour Dates:

09/22 – Boston, MA @ Allston Hot Dog City w/ Watcher, Sallow, Big Mess & Cloud Cover
09/29 – Manchester, NH @ Fuzz Hut w/ Shifty & Charles
09/30 – Montreal, QC @ La Plante w/ Dollys & Stevenson
10/01 – Toronto, ON @ Smiling Budha
10/02 – Oberlin, OH @ Big Blue
10/03 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Louies
10/04 – Chicago, IL @ Subtereanean (Downstairs) w/ Yeesh & Spooky Action Space Captain
10/05 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Turkey Lounge w/ Soul Low
10/06 – St Louis, MO @ Cookie Tree Mansion
10/07 – Nashville, TN @ Blackbird Tatoo
10/08 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
10/09 – Blacksburg, VA @ Robin Williams Arts Center
10/10 – Charlottesville, VA @ Magnolia House w/ Basmati & Ing
10/11 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
10/12 – Philadelphia, PA @ All Night Diner w/ Left & Right, Blue Smiley & Caffeine
10/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Washer, Jackal Onasis, Youth Expire & Laila
10/14 – Providence, RI @ Funky Jungle
10/21 – Worcester, MA @ Firehouse w/ Vagabon, Loone, & Bethlehem Steel
10/22 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Warehouse, DiCaprio & Birthing Hips
11/11 – Hamden, CT @ The Space

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