Indietracks 2015 – Ten Bands Not To Miss

indietracks 2015 ten bands not to miss

Indietracks Compilation 2015 Out Now – 49 Songs For Only £3 Via Bandcamp!

DIY indie-pop festival Indietracks has been bringing the beautiful sounds of indie-pop to the Midway Railway Centre in Derbyshire since 2007, and is now one of the most unique independent festivals operating in the United Kingdom with 2,00 people turning up annually. This year there will be fifty indie-pop bands on the roster with the likes of The Go! Team, Cinerama, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart headlining. That’s not all! There’s also workshops including life coaching from The Spook School drummer Niall, an indie-pop quiz, and speed dating!

On top of being generally awesome, Indietracks have just released their annual compilation of bands playing at the event. This is the fourth such compilation they have released with the first being released for the 2012 event. It’s only £3 via Bandcamp! Bargain! All proceeds go to the Midland Railway Centre; the steam railway charity in Derbyshire where the festival takes place every year. You can also, if you are so inclined, read an interview we conducted with the festival earlier this year, and find out all about their blooming owl sanctuary!

We’ve give the whole thing a listen, and had a great time dancing around the office. We then had a mud wrestling match to decide which ten bands we would highlight from this year’s compilation. Note that we’ve deliberately avoided some obvious choices like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and Cinerama. See our list below.

Desperate Journalist – ‘Happening’

London’s Desperate Journalist just released their self titled debut album at the start of this year, and it’s an upbeat, sometimes angular, sometimes tense, always awesome record of tracks that sit somewhere between post-punk and indie-pop. They’ll be on the Indoor Stage on Saturday 25th at 5pm. Do it.

Martha – ‘1997, Passing In The Hallway’

We absolutely fucking love Durham’s Martha. They’re a DIY anarcho straight edge vegan indie-pop band that have perhaps the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. Here’s a sample from ‘1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely’, “When I invited Frank and you, back to mine for a mange tout/When I meant ménage à trois/You laughed so hard you cracked your chin against the bar.” NPR loves their debut album, Courting Strong, which came out last year through one of Overblown’s favourite labels, Fortuna POP! We do too. They’re headlining the Indoor Stage at 7:50 on the Saturday. Don’t miss it buddies.

Chorusgirl – ‘No Moon’

Chorusgirl are a jangle ‘n’ roll band from London. And they follow Overblown on Twitter, so they must be cool. This track ‘No Moon’ reminds us of 60s pop music distilled through a bit of new wave, and perhaps a dash of The Vaselines. If that doesn’t sound good to you, you can just fuck right off. Have them at 1pm on the Saturday on the Indoor Stage.

Tuff Love – ‘Sebastien’

Tuff Love are a delightful indie pop duo from Glasgow. They claim to play apologetic pop music and also claim to have been awarded the ‘worst facial expressions while singing award 2014’. What you should do is go and check out if this award is warranted! That’ll be on Sunday at the Indoor Stage at 3pm.

Fever Dream – ‘Serotonin Hit’

This trio hail from East London, and release their music via Club AC30. Their shoegaze inflect pop music is fuzzy, bouncy, and catchy. Apparently they have really good hair and are very interested in beer. Sound like my kind of people. They are the very first bloody plan to play on Friday at 7pm on the Outdoor Stage.

The Hi-Life Companion – ‘Meet Me At The Pier’

I love some strings washing over a pretty love song. The Hi-Life Companion are happy to provide this with their track ‘Meet Me At The Pier’. They hail from the wonderful city of Bristol and there’s shit loads of them in the band. Brothers Jonathan and Matt Troy are the figureheads though, so to speak. Catch them on Sunday on the Church Stage at 1.20pm.

Euros Child – ‘Pieces’

Good ol’ Euros Child is probably better known as the front-man for Welsh alternative rock band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. Solo wise he plays delicate ballads or tender heart break on his piano. For a break from the raucous and celebratory indie pop over the weekend, check him out on Saturday at 6.50pm at the Outdoor Stage.

Evans The Death – ‘Enabler’

Are you addicted to fuzz? London based quintet Evans The Death certainly are. Overblown scribe Martin Wilson loved their album Expect Delays which was released earlier this year. Plus they are on the mighty Fortuna POP!, which as we all know is one of the greatest indie labels of all time. Catch them at 2:40pm on the Outdoor Stage on Saturday.

JUNK. – ‘All I Really Wanna Do (Is Baby Get Drunk With You)’

JUNK. love big jangly chords and playing songs that are vaguely 60s-ish and quite sunny. Perfect for an afternoon or evening in Derbyshire, right? They hail from York, love capital letters, and inexplicably have a pull stop at the end of their name. They’re on at 4.20pm on the Church Stage on Sunday.

The Go! Team – Ye Ye Yamaha

Brighton’s The Go! Team are a major coup for Indietracks. Mainly because they are awesome, but also because they have a substantial following all over the bloody place. Even my mate Jambo loves them. Or at least according to Facebook he does. They headline the Sunday on The Outdoor Stage. 9pm.

There you have it. That’s who we’ll be catching. However, whoever you chose to check out is a great choce. Indietracks music have one of the most solid line-ups in the world. On the regular too. Well done, chaps.

Claire Goldthorp is the wonderful artist responsible for this year’s logo, the website artwork, and the festival programme.

This year’s Indietracks headliners include The Go! Team, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Cinerama, Colleen Green, The Wave Pictures and Martha. Tickets are available by calling the railway direct on 01773 747 674 or visiting the Indietracks website.

Indietracks 2015 Compilation – Tracklisting

1 The Free Fall Band – Fontana
2 Cinerama – Deer Caught In The Headlights
3 Desperate Journalist – Happening
4 Fever Dream – Serotonin Hit
5 The Darling Buds – Sure Thing
6 The Leaf Library – Walking Backwards
7 Rémi Parson – Eau Claire
8 Cristina Quesada – Just Like Honey
9 Laura K – Darlin’
10 Ralegh Long – Islands Brighter
11 Michaelmas – NO GO
12 The Go! Team – Ye Ye Yamaha
13 The Luxembourg Signal – Distant Drive
14 Violet Woods – Over The Ground
15 Fire Island Pines – Bo Dep
16 Los Bonsáis – Los Perdimos de Vista
17 Martha – 1997, Passing in the Hallway
18 The Tuts – Do I Have to Look for Love?
19 The School – I Will See You Soon
20 Tuff Love – Sebastian
21 The Hi-Life Companion – Meet Me At The Pier
22 Pete Astor – Submarine
23 Lætitia Sadier – Then I Will Love You Again
24 Euros Childs – Pieces
25 Mammoth Penguins – When I Was Your Age
26 Chorusgirl – No Moon
27 The Haywains – Why Do I Get the Feeling Your Mother Hates Me?
28 Firestations – Never Closer
29 Rodney Cromwell – Barry Was An Arms Dealer
30 The Wave Pictures – Gene Tierney
31 Evans the Death – Enabler
32 Colour Me Wednesday – Sugar Coated
33 The Fireworks – Stay Here
34 Emma Kupa – Consequences
35 Oh Peas! – Year Of The Horse
36 The Catenary Wires – Throw Another Love Song On The Fire
37 Steven James Adams – Ideas
38 Tigercats – Wheezer
39 Baker Island – You Are A Cathedral
40 JUNK. – All I Really Wanna Do (Is Baby Get Drunk With You)
41 Eureka California – Happy Again
42 Jen Schande – 97 Tables
43 Lost Pets – A Bad Year for Artichokes
44 Alex and the Christopher Hale Band – Fast Forward
45 Francesca’s Word Salad – Vlad Mixdown
46 The Ethical Debating Society – Cover Up
47 Flemmings – Something Gross
48 Frida & Ale – Crazy Love
49 Bunnygrunt – Open My Eyes

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