Indietracks 2017 Interview Series #12 – Suggested Friends: “The Crowd Swoons”

Indietracks runs from 28-30 JULY 2017 at Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, UK.

I’m suspicious. A pattern is emerging and I’m going to hire a private investigator to look into collusion amongst bands on the Indietracks line up. In interview #1 of this series the delightful Charmpit stated that they wanted to cover Suggested Friends, the protagonists of this episode of Indietracks interviews. Guess who Suggested Friends want to cover??? Match fixing scandal I think. On the other hand, this could be a good thing? I’m not suggesting Overblown has the clout to make the bands play these covers but y’know, JUST DO IT! You’re going to love Suggested Friends by the way. Smashing band. Here’s their chat:

Overblown: It’s your first time at Indietracks. How excited are you to be playing and what have you heard about the festival? 

Since forming in November 2015 we’ve definitely had our sights set on playing Indietracks, not least because loads of our mates have played there and always seem to be having the best time ever. The line-up this year is packed with our pals and bands we’ve played with over the last 18 months so it should be a beautiful and uplifting experience to be there surrounded by our musical family. Plus I’ve heard there’s a moving train that is literally a stage so tbh I’m sold.

O: At Overblown we love a cover version. If you had to play a cover of another artist from this year’s bill which band and song would it be? (And will you consider actually doing it?)

We are obsessed with Charmpit. OBSESSED. So probably their song ‘Bad Attitude’ – I love the bit where Anne-Marie screams, though I think I’d have to limber up the ol’ vocal cords first. That or ‘This Time Next Year’ by Personal Best – it’s a banger.

O: Similarly, if you were to choose a song of your own to be covered by another band on the bill which song and band would it be?

I would like to hear The Just Joans cover our song ‘Chicken’ – I think it could do with some more acoustic vibes, Scottish accents, and sweet harmonies!

O: There’s always a great indie disco to be had after the bands finish playing. What song would you request and are we likely to find you on the dancefloor?

Christabel and I are both big fans of house and electronic music, weirdly considering we play in a twee pop/indie band. She says she would request ‘coma cat’ by tensnake. I’m not ashamed to say that I would make a beeline for the dancefloor if I heard ‘Where Are U Now’ by Skrillex/Diplo/Bieber. In fact we have covered that song live before. Same goes for ‘Firefly’ by mura masa feat. Nao. Seeing as it’s an indie disco tho I guess I would probably request a Talking Heads song – maybe ‘And She Was’.

O: Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Walters is a great night and will be at Indietracks for the first time this year. What’s your go-to karaoke song and can we expect to see you singing it?

My go-to karaoke song is ‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston. Aim high tbh. I’m a massive exhibitionist so if the opportunity arises I’ll definitely be singing it. I’ve seen Christabel sing ‘Creep’ before and that was a delight so I hope she sings that. Jack’s got some good covers up his sleeve too. Get him on ‘Sexual Healing’ and the crowd swoons.

With so many great bands playing tell our readers why they should choose to come and see your set.

Our songs are catchy and fun and hopefully relatable. Also we have a secret new member which is extremely exciting and indietracks will be only the third show they play with us. So get ready to be awed by that.

Suggested Friends play Indietracks Festival on Sunday 30th July. We’ll see you all there. 

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