Indietracks 2017 Interview Series #16 – Pillow Queens: “Free Irish Passports”

Indietracks runs from 28-30 JULY 2017 at Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, UK.

Well this is convenient. Just as I start writing this intro I notice that Pillow Queens song ‘Rats’ has been named BBC 6 Music Recommends Song of the Week. Exciting. Even more exciting is that when you order this new single (on the always magical Specialist Subject Records) you can choose to add badges, stickers and a tote (wish my postie would hurry). Of course the most exciting of all is that Pillow Queens are gracing the stage at Indietracks. Personally I reckon that they should quadruple their fee now that they’re stars of 6 Music. Glad I asked them these questions before Rolling Stone Mag got to them. From Midland Railway Centre to superstardom I hope. Say hey to Sarah and Pam:

Overblown: What have you heard about the festival and are you excited to be visiting for the first time? 

Sarah: This will be our first time playing any festival actually and we can’t think of a better one to start with. Pamela’s a big steam train fan so we’ll probably spend the duration of the festival trying to find her as she scopes out her surroundings. I’m also pretty excited about checking out the Church stage cos I’ve seen loads of pics from previous years and it looks like an incredible stage!

O: At Overblown we love a cover version. If you had to play a cover of another artist from this year’s bill which band and song would it be? (And will you consider actually doing it?)

Pam: It’d be ‘On The Lips’ by Frankie Cosmos cos it makes me cry and it’d be fun doing a nice four part harmony for it.

Sarah: We’ll definitely be doing a cover song but I won’t give anything away just yet.

O: Similarly, if you were to choose a song of your own to be covered by another band on the bill which song and band would it be?

Sarah: I’d love to hear Me Rex do a cover of ‘Rats’.

O: There’s always a great indie disco to be had after the bands finish playing. What song would you request and are we likely to find you on the dancefloor?

Sarah: I can’t think of Indietracks without thinking of the Spook School so I’d probably request ‘I Wanna Kiss You’ and dance the whole way through.

Pam: Can I request ‘Touch’ by Little Mix?

Sarah: Oh wait, that too! Oh and I wanna request Britney, Cher etc. so Charmpit do the dance routine from Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion.

O: Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Waters is a great night and will be at Indietracks for the first time this year. What’s your go-to karaoke song and can we expect to see you singing it?

Pam: Luckily for us Indietracks will be the last stop for us on our UK tour so there will be absolutely no holding back when it comes to karaoke which is an avid hobby of all Pillow Queens. I do a pretty intense version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Earthsong’ if I do say so myself.


With so many great bands playing tell our readers why they should choose to come and see your set.

Sarah: Well I know I’ve whetted your appetite by mentioning a cover song so there’s that.

Pam: Free Irish passports will be thrown out into the crowd during our set. Get that sweet sweet EU citizenship

Pillow Queens play Indietracks Festival on Saturday 29th July. We’ll see you all there. 

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