Indietracks 2017 Interview Series #2 – Enderby’s Room: “The Minder Theme Tune”

Indietracks runs from 28-30 JULY 2017 at Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, UK.

Reason number 1,639 to love the Indietracks Festival. Bands play on trains. Not just a stage near a train station, or on a stationary carriage, but on an actual moving train. It’s a really beautiful thing. Enderby’s Room are the latest band to tackle our Indietracks questions. They’ve recently released a glorious self-titled album on Fika Recordings. It’s a gentle, folky affair and it’s perfect for a Sunday which, as luck would have it is when they’re playing. Go see them and buy stuff from Fika Recordings stall in the merch tent. Here’s Dan answering our daft questions.

Overblown: What are your favourite memories of Indietracks and what does it mean to you to be back playing again in 2017?

In 2013 Enderby’s Room played on the Train Stage. I (Dan) remember driving up on the day of the show with all the equipment and band members (apart from Emma). We were a bit late setting off because we had to borrow a bass amp from a man called Fang, a lovely eccentric chap (he wore his father dentures as an ear ring), and he kept us talking a bit too long. It was hit and miss whether we’d make it but got to the festival with 5 minutes to spare before the train departed. A bunch of friends were on hand to literally run with our kit across the site to play an incredibly memorable, if a slightly sweaty show!

O: At Overblown we love a cover version. If you had to play a cover of another artist from this year’s bill which band and song would it be? (And will you consider actually doing it?)

Dan: I recently received an email from John Jervis from WIAIWYA records that read “last night I dreamt an Enderby’s Room live performance of The Gossip’s ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’. Whilst they aren’t playing Indietracks who knows…

O: Similarly, if you were to choose a song of your own to be covered by another band on the bill which song and band would it be?

Dan: People often say that our sound is soft, gentle and warm. And they’d be correct! So I’d love to hear a band like Martha give a bite to a song like ‘Mannequins’ which is the only political song on our record.

O: There’s always a great indie disco to be had after the bands finish playing. What song would you request and are we likely to find you on the dancefloor?

Dan: ‘I Could Be So Good For You’ – Full version of the Minder theme tune! I’ll dance to it pretend to know all the words.

O: Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Walters is a great night and will be at Indietracks for the first time this year. What’s your go-to karaoke song and can we expect to see you singing it?

Dan: In sobriety I’ll tell you I don’t really like doing karaoke. But then again, after a few sherbets I know that’s not at all true.

O: With so many great bands playing tell our readers why they should choose to come and see your set.

Dan: We are playing on the Church stage! This is really a souped-up Anderson Shelter; tin clad on the outside, but wooden walled on the inside. Our Victorian travelling harmonium will be at home in this space and we will sound soft, gentle and warm.

Enderby’s Room play Indietracks Festival on Sunday 30th July. We’ll see you all there. 

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