Indietracks 2017 Interview Series #5 – TeenCanteen: “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

Indietracks runs from 28-30 JULY 2017 at Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, UK.

Weather. The scourge of every UK festival. At Indietracks I’ve baked in glorious sunshine where the entire site just seems to glow. I’ve also witnessed the most ludicrous storms, biblical rain and lightening that I was convinced was going to electrocute us all. In 2017 there’s no need to worry. Booking TeenCanteen on the bill is essentially the same thing as guaranteed sunshine. Their beautiful pop songs will light up the weekend. Check out their recent EP Sirens and you’ll be left in no doubt. Carla Easton from the band steps into the Overblown firing zone that is our Indietracks interview series:

Overblown: What are your favourite memories of Indietracks and what does it mean to you to be back playing again in 2017?

Carla: When we first played Indietracks the sun was shining and it gave us a chance to meet a lot of our fans from down south which was amazing! It’s such an open and warm festival – we are so happy to be returning.

O: At Overblown we love a cover version. If you had to play a cover of another artist from this year’s bill which band and song would it be? (And will you consider actually doing it?)

Carla: I’ve always been a huge fan of The Just Joans and can’t wait to see them play – I know they are firm favourites at Indietracks. So a cover of ‘If You Don’t Pull’ – which I think is a perfect slice of pop perfection – would probably be our cover of choice.

O: Similarly, if you were to choose a song of your own to be covered by another band on the bill which song and band would it be?

Carla: My favourite song on the TeenCanteen album is Motorbikes. It’s not one we play live ourselves much due to it being what I consider a ‘studio’ song with layers of arpeggiated vintage synths. I also love cover versions that are completely different to the original. To hear someone translate that song into a live performance would be quite special.

O: There’s always a great indie disco to be had after the bands finish playing. What song would you request and are we likely to find you on the dancefloor?

Carla: My favourite song at the end of the night is always ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ by Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes.

O: Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Walters is a great night and will be at Indietracks for the first time this year. What’s your go-to karaoke song and can we expect to see you singing it?

Carla: ‘Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes

O: With so many great bands playing tell our readers why they should choose to come and see your set.

Carla: The last year has been non-stop for TeenCanteen and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for all our supportive fans who helped us complete our album via our Pledgemusic Campaign. Similarly, releasing our album via crowd funded label Last Night From Glasgow has meant we have been able to meet so many incredible people who are passionate about new music. If anyone who was part of that process is at Indietracks then we would love to meet you! And for anyone that wasn’t then I’d say come and see us if you love pop music with a post punk ethos at it’s heart and three part harmonies.

TeenCanteen play Indietracks Festival on Saturday 29th July. We’ll see you all there. 

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