Indietracks 2017 Interview Series #9 – Garden Centre: “Rotterdam Pinger GABBA Version”

Indietracks runs from 28-30 JULY 2017 at Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, UK.

Energy drinks. What’s your favourite song about them? I reckon mine is probably Sonic Youth’s ‘Red Bull in the Heather’ or perhaps Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Powerade of Love’. That’s all going to change though because Garden Centre are playing Indietracks this year and they’ve got loads of songs about energy drinks. Each and every one of them will be my new favourite. What am I on about? You’ll just need to read Max Levy’s answers to our festival questions to find out:

Overblown: It’s your first time at Indietracks. How excited are you to be playing and what have you heard about the festival? 

Max: I have been to Indietracks a couple of times! The first time I played a show on a train, the second time I spent the night sleeping on a train and this year I hope to learn passable french on the very same train. I am always exited to be going to a place with lots of trains TBQFH.

O: At Overblown we love a cover version. If you had to play a cover of another artist from this year’s bill which band and song would it be? (And will you consider actually doing it?)

Max: I would like to cover ‘Crab Day’ by Cate le Bon. Cate le Bon’s music is one of my two favourite things. She has a real way of putting odd melodies into beautiful pop songs that click at the same tempo as the brain. My second favourite thing is CRAB DAY, which I celebrate every year on the 23rd of May. This year’s day included some very distinguished speakers and was considered “disgusting” by the local press down here on the south coast.

O: Similarly, if you were to choose a song of your own to be covered by another band on the bill which song and band would it be?

Max: I think it would be quite funny seeing Joanna Gruesome playing our song ‘Scrap Yard’. Owen Gruesome wrote the guitar line, and I can always tell that he wants to completely change the song when he plays it. If Joanna Gruesome played it they could run away with it. Warp and defile my vision, please.

O: There’s always a great indie disco to be had after the bands finish playing. What song would you request and are we likely to find you on the dancefloor?


O: Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Walters is a great night and will be at Indietracks for the first time this year. What’s your go-to karaoke song and can we expect to see you singing it?

Max: Here are all of the Garden Centre band’s favourite songs to defile at karaoke:

Dana ———-Roy Orbison’s CRYING(censored version)

Georgie ——-Roy Orbison’s CRYING (uncensored version)

Laurie ——- Roy Orbison’s CRYING (Spaghetti western teardrop version)

Owen — —– Roy Orbison’s CRYING (Rotterdam pinger GABBA version)

Terry ——- Roy Orbison’s CRYING (ft NECRO)

Me ———– Roy Orbison’s CRYING

O: With so many great bands playing tell our readers why they should choose to come and see your set.

Max: If you want to see songs about energy drinks, be my guest. Also come if you want to see songs ON energy drinks .We will also be playing a song written BY AN ENERGY DRINK.

Garden Centre play Indietracks Festival on Saturday 29th July. We’ll see you all there. 

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