Innovative Imogen Heap Documentary “Cumulus” Announced

London based production company Modern has announced a documentary called Cumulus about musician and singer/songwriter Imogen Heap crafted exclusively from social media content and digital data. Cumulus will be screening at events and festivals in 2014-2015.

The piece is a multi-faceted effort. It is: an animated, multi-screen documentary about Imogen Heap, her musical innovations and the unique relationship she has with her fans; an experimental short film exploring the positive impact of digital and social media through its power to amplify the connection between celebrities and their fans; and an investigation of the how our personas evolve and develop in the digital space through shared and re purposed content. To be honest, it sounds fascinating.

Covering an eight year period, the film, directed by independent filmmaker and digital creative Christopher Ian Smith, is an experimental take on documentary, drawing solely on the social media data and digital content of Imogen Heap and interactions with her fans through Tweets, Facebook posts, Reddit AMAs, YouTube videos, Instagram images, Vine videos and more. This data is visualised through motion graphics as part of a multi-screen narrative.

Culumus Website.