Interview – BooHooHoo – ‘Now is the Season’ Live Video

My brain tells me I’m not supposed to like BooHooHoo. Where’s the screaming fuzz of guitars that I usually dig? Or the swooping melancholy that I’m often a sucker for? Thankfully my heart rules my head every time I hear them play, confirming this is music to bring you to life, enthusiastic and joyful music that will make you feel like your feet are getting electric shock treatment and will not stop moving. BooHooHoo make an electro-pop racket mixing dance, pop, rock from the last few decades but which sounds extremely now. They’re about to release their debut EP through the Last Night From Glasgow label (on a wearable USB wristband no less) and the accompanying launch show is about to take place at a completely full-to-the-brim Nice n Sleazy.

DebutHooHoo EP on wearable USB - a Bracelet of Boogie
DebutHooHoo EP on wearable USB – a Bracelet of Boogie

Overblown caught up with Greg from BHH to discuss all that’s going on. For a band that have only ever played a relatively small number of shows they’re growing pretty quickly. Are they surprised by the response they’re seeing, particularly given that their launch gig is sold out? Greg explains, “We are so pumped! Very surprised – we struggled to sell 46 tickets for a gig at King Tuts only a few months ago so to sell out Sleazys so quickly was quite a surprise!”. Does the prospect of such a packed room add pressure to you? “Pressure… A little bit. We just go out and have fun when we play live – equipment might break, we might forget what song we’re playing, we might leave flutes in the house – we just try and make it all part of the fun. We try not take it too seriously which kind of takes the pressure off. That being said, we really want to put on a good show, so our rehearsals are quite thorough and the set lists have usually been debated a lot and tried out a few different ways before we feel happy.”

BHH Wristband

Last Night From Glasgow have had quite a debut year and their artists are no strangers to the pages of Overblown. What kind of influence has the label had on BHH since you started working together? “LNFG have been absolutely phenomenal. I don’t think a band like us could have asked for a better partnership. They also get the humour side of what we are doing – it was them that suggested the USB slap on wrist bands that the EP is being released on. They have done everything that they can for us – even witnessed some of our ridiculous band discussions on Facebook Messenger (sorry about that LNFG). Within the band we operate in a very democratic fashion which can sometimes be quite a tedious affair and LNFG have even joined in and had significant contributions – for example on the shape of the ‘B’ in our logo. That B would not be the shape it is today without them”.

BHH Wristband

The new EP, Debuthoohoo (yes!) features three songs, the songs that will introduce the band to the world. Having caught them live a few times now, and given they seem to have about a dozen songs that are easily good enough to be released how do they go about choosing the perfect ones for a debut release? Greg says “We chose three songs because that seemed like a decent amount. The three we picked seemed to fit together nicely in our heads because we wrote them all about the same time – ‘Now is the Season’ (check the live video above) was the first song we wrote together, then ‘Mould Me’, then ‘Dreams Tonight’.”

BHH Wristband

The EP is indeed a wonderful introduction to the band and their range of songs. Each is like a magnet for the brain, once lodged in there it’s impossible to scrape back out. It’s music that will undoubtedly move the band fairly quickly onto a much bigger audience than they have just now. So what might the future hold for BHH? I ask them what the ambition is for 2017. “We don’t have any set ambition other than to write more music and continue releasing what we have so far. It’s been a really enjoyable and cathartic experience putting these songs out. We’ve been cultivating these eggs for a while and to watch our babies hatch, grow in to full adult form and find their way out in to the real world feels quite rewarding, especially since people actually seem to enjoy them. So we want to do more of that really. The whole process has been a real learning experience for us. From writing, recording, mixing, mastering to making videos, artwork and of course tackling how we do it all live. 2017 feels exciting as we have lots more material to put out and also a sort of working supply chain to deliver it all to your eyes and ears!”

DebutHooHoo EP is released on 2nd December 2016 through Last Night From Glasgow and is available here 

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