Say Sue Me Interview: “What can we do for kicks?”

It’s only been a short few months since Damnably brought Say Sue Me across to the UK for a jaunt alongside label mates Otoboke Beaver. The former’s surf-tinged indie rock combined with the latter’s breakneck punk made for one of the most thrilling shows of 2017. One month before the Glasgow date I’d never heard of either band. Now I can’t get enough and thankfully the wait for new material hasn’t dragged out too long.

‘Good For No Reason’ is the latest sparkling single from Say Sue Me. We may be fast approaching Halloween but this song will have your mind permanently locked in summer vibes.  It’s a glorious, soaring burst of guitars that’ll elevate any mood, think Teenage Fanclub with a massive grin on their faces and you’ll be somewhere close. Sumi from the band explained what’s behind the song to The Fader, “It’s a song we recorded for the 10th anniversary of our label Electric Muse and the first we worked on with our new drummer Chang Wong. I was struggling with some pessimistic thinking, which is a habit of mine and I asked nobody in particular ‘why am i doing this?’ He told me ‘because it’s the easiest thing to do.’ For some reason that answer hurt my pride a little and I decided I didn’t want to be so negative anymore. Now, whenever I feel sad I make myself believe that things will get better somehow.” I love this explanation of the song, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Somewhat smitten we thought we’d ask a few questions:

Overblown: The Golden Week tour was a personal live highlight of 2017. What are your main memories of your first visit to the UK?

Sumi: 1 – Meeting Otoboke Beaver and (Damnably) label bosses George and Janice for the first time. We’d been nervous about the trip but when we met them we started to feel like the tour would turn out alright after all. The relief was so immense.

2 – Our final night with Otoboke Beaver, we were sad about saying goodbye and we already missed them so we spent the night drinking a lot and hugging and dancing.

3 – Seeing West Ham’s stadium (Damnably is based next to the stadium in Stratford) in person. We were in total awe, all we could think was ‘Wow…’

O: Did it surprise you to travel so far from home but still have such well attended shows? Does playing in front of different audiences help you as a band?

S: We could have shows like that only because of all the people who helped us. Things were organised so well that we could just be ourselves and enjoy ourselves along with the audiences. Yeah, I think playing in front of new crowds really helps us.Though we always try to put on a killer show no matter where we are, travelling all the way to the UK and performing for people who didn’t really know us just pushed us to perform at a level that would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’d been part of something special (including ourselves!).

O: With more releases lined up in the UK through Damnably are you hoping to visit Europe again soon?

S: We plan to tour again next year with Otoboke Beaver as we did this year, we really enjoyed the UK and hope to see more of Europe next time as well. Where should we go next?

O: Over the last couple of years this website has featured a lot of Japanese music, particularly the strong shoegaze scene over there. Should we be shifting our gaze to Busan? Or Korea as a whole? Who should we be listening out for?

S: We’d like to recommend the bands Cogason, Genius and Parasol. They’re friends of ours who are intense and meticulous about performing music made by and for beautiful spirits. Check them out!

O: What inspires Say Sue Me outside of music?

S: We’re influenced and inspired by the friends around us. Our main concern is always music. When we’re not thinking about music we’re thinking about having fun. We’re always up to some mischief, wondering ‘Heh Heh…what can we do for kicks?’

Overblown are reliably informed that Say Sue Me are currently recording their 2nd album for an early 2018 release. You can get their current single here but also keep an eye out for it on a split 7″ single with Otoboke Beaver through Damnably and we’ll soon be bringing you some very exciting news of a new vinyl subscription series on this excellent label. 

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