Interview: The Shimmer Band: “It’s an overflowing, exploding, white-knuckle gut-shot of a groove.”

The Shimmer Band Interview
Broken Hands

New Single ‘Shoot Me (Baby) Out On February 5th.

Things I know about Bristol: Cary Grant is from the city, the infamous pirate Captain Blackbeard once had a hideaway cave under St. Mary Redcliffe church, and the legendary Tony Benn was an MP for Bristol South East from 1963 until 1983. I’ve also just learned that the city is also the birthplace of anthemic rockers The Shimmer Band. They’re just about to release their latest single (on February 5th) and it is big. Big in the headlining festivals kind of way.

Generously, they took the time to have a little chat with us here at Overblown. Mostly about explosive motorik psych pop and their upcoming debut album, but also about the best curry house in Bristol. Read on little ones!

Overblown: Thanks for taking the time to talk to Overblown. Your latest track is called ‘Shoot Me Baby’. Tell us a little bit about the song.

The Shimmer Band: The song is about being in a beautifully destructive relationship with someone that you can’t let go of because you’re addicted to the constantly evolving adventure of it all. It’s an overflowing, exploding, white-knuckle gut-shot of a groove.

O: Your music sounds like it is written with large venues and headlining festivals in mind. Is that a goal?

TSB: I think for any band not to have the ambition of aiming for the largest venues possible is wasting their time… and our songs were definitely created with the largest possible venues in mind. Imagine waking up knowing you’re going to be playing to a shedload of people that evening… that’s gotta be an unbeatable feeling. The very pinnacle of being in a rock band.

O: You’re headlining Transmission in Bristol at the start of next month. Looking forward to it?

TSB: We always look forward to playing live shows, we live for it. You can practice in rooms all day long but nothing can recreate the energy and magic of playing your own songs to a room full of people. Bring it on!

O: What is ‘Explosive Motorik Psych Pop’?

TSB: Listen to our single SHOOT ME (BABY) and that should answer that…

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O: Do you have any plans to record an EP or an LP?

TSB: We’ve been working on our debut album the past five months and we’re now at the mixing stage. It’s a really exciting, unique and powerful collection of songs and we can’t wait for everyone to hear them.

O: 2016 has seen a slew of rock star deaths. Lemmy, David Bowie, Glenn Frey. What is your reaction to these deaths? Did any of them knock you for six?

TSB: It’s always a shock when artists we’ve grown up with leave us. It feels like a piece of the world has disappeared. David Bowie had such a profound effect on so many levels it’s hard to imagine a world without someone so fiercely forward thinking.

O: What was your favourite release of 2015? Why?

TSB: Blur’s album The Magic Whip got the most plays in the band van. The album felt sharp, confident, well developed and progressive while still remaining relevant and relatable.

O: Do you know Redland Tandoori? It’s the best tandoori in Bristol.

TSB: The Clove is the best curry house in Bristol. This is a fact. x

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