Introducing BANU: ‘Pretty Lady, Me’

BANU pretty lady me


Mystique is an abstraction sorely missing from modern music, so its enjoyable to know so little about newcomers BANU. They are based in London, originated from Bristol, and their debut EP is out on April 12th. Other than that all I can tell you is their debut track ‘Pretty Lady, Me’ is a whimsical, reflective piano-led number that drifts along leisurely like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer on the Mississippi.

Anything other than this is speculation. I can tell you that Banu is a Persian girl’s name used in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and India, it is a city in Iran, it is Arabic for “children of”, and, finally, is an Indian makeup artist. I doubt any of this is any relevance, but it helps flesh out this post.

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