Iress: New Band of the Day #274


Iress’ new album Flaw is out on September 18th.

Who:  Singer-guitarist Michelle Malley, guitarist Alex Moreno, bassist Michael Maldonado and drummer Glenn Chu.

What: Alt-rock/doomgaze.

Where: Los Angeles, California.

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Why: L.A. quartet Iress have been on the go for at least five years. So, they’re not ‘new’ per se. Don’t care. Featuring them anyway. They are undoubtedly one of my favourite discoveries of the year. Crafting an oppressive, heavy and melodic take on alt-rock that incorporates elements of sludge and doomgaze, their sound calls to mind Chelsea Wolfe’s efforts on her classic album Hiss Spun.

Their latest single is titled ‘Nest’. It showcases the band’s love of dynamics as a soft and delicate verse gives way to a fiery and epic chorus full of distorted guitars and leviathan sized drums. It is the kind of song that envelopes you with swirling hypnotics. Check it out below.

Definitely check out album opener ‘Shamed’ too. This one lopes along imposingly courtesy of huge distorted guitars and a pounding mid-tempo drum beat. Michelle Malley’s vocals beautifully offset that with their melody and power. The first three tracks on the album are scorchers. Bet the rest are too.

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