Irish Post-Punks Slow Riot Share Debut Single ‘City of Culture’

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Single Out Via Straight Lines Are Fine On July 10th

Tense, angular, and yet bludgeoning, Irish post-punk trio Slow Riot are releasing their debut single ‘City of Culture’ via Straight Lines Are Fine on July 10th. The track, which consists of a rumbling, fuzzy bassline, treble fueled guitars, and a half lethargic/half envigorated vocal performance, is a sarcastic ode to the cultural status their native Limerick was honoured with in 2014.

The track shows how they have combined their classic post-punk influences of Gang of Four and Wire, with more contemporary fare like their countrymen Girl Band and Detroit’s Protomarytr.

‘City of Culture’ will feature on their upcoming EP, Cathedral, which was recorded in the Manic Street Preacher’s Cardiff studio, FASTER. Produced by Kevin Vangerben, the band were also assisted by in house engineer Loz Williams and Manics’ James Dean Bradfield, who offered the use of their equipment and instruments.

Cathedral is due later this year, and is set to include re-recordings of their demos, Demons and Cooper’s Dream.

Single artwork:

slow riot city of culture

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