It’s Too Late To Learn An Instrument, Isn’t It?

The saying goes, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, but is it really true? Especially where music is concerned? Just because you didn’t take violin lessons when you were four years old – does that mean you can’t try it when you’re older? Learning is something that’s good for your brain as you get older, so having a hobby or skill up your sleeve is no bad thing.

Interested in learning something new, but don’t know where to start? Discover your musical talent with some ideas for musical learning as an adult.

Pick up an instrument

Always wanted to play an instrument but never fully committed? Who says it’s too late? Learning to play an instrument now is a great idea – it’ll help you boost your brain power, is relaxing and could help you discover a hidden talent that’s laid dormant all of these years! Test the water and see how you feel by browsing used pianos or taking some introductory guitar lessons and start playing. Even if you just do it for fun, learning to play an instrument is a great hobby to have.

Learning music the modern way

Not all instrument learning has to be done with an instrument these days. Tools like Garage Band can help you learn to read music and discover rhythm, without you needing to keep the neighbours up at all hours of the night. If money’s tight and you just want to test the water, some online tuition could be a fantastic way to pursue your interest and help you decide if you want to take it further. Take a look at some online learning resources to help you get started.

Enjoy the social element

It’s harder to meet new people as you get older, but taking part in a choir or a musical could be a fun way to indulge your new-found musical passion and get to know some new faces too. If you know where to look, you’ll find groups that are suitable for all kinds of experience and ability, helping you develop your confidence and experience over time. Even if it turns out you’re no good, you can still enjoy the social element.

Learn with your kids

If you’ve got kids who are keen to learn an instrument, then why not learn with them? You might not pick things up as quickly as they do, but it’ll certainly be a fun way to spend some time together. Who knows, you could even start a family band!

Learning an instrument in later life isn’t impossible, and you never know where it could lead. Perhaps it will introduce you to some new people, or perhaps it will encourage you to pursue your musical dream – you won’t know until you give it a try. It might not always be easy, but learning an instrument is a fun hobby that can lead to impressive things, so why not start now and see where that musical road leads you?