Massive Attack’s Teardrop Played With Fruit and Veg

100 % Organic Music

Brooklyn based electronic music producer j.viewz (Jonathan Dagan if you’re his mate) hooked up a bunch of fruit and veg to his keyboard and record player to create a particularly tasty version of the Massive Attack classic “Teardrop” from their 1998 album Mezzanine. It brings a new meaning to the concept of organic music. Lolz. Rofl. Lmao.

j.viewz is currently spearheading a Kickstarter campaign called The DNA Project. He claims it will be: “a first-of-its-kind music platform, allowing access to the DNA of the (his) songs as they form.”

Read what he has to say about the project in full:


I’m developing this platform to be able to tell a broader story I see in music, and to have a creative dialog with the people who connect with it. Music has more dimensions than the existing song format shows, so we’re developing a new format.

I’m embarking on this journey with the award-winning digital agency Hello MondayTogether we’ll work toward redefining the way music is presented in the digital space.

Through the DNA Website you’ll have access to the different sounds inside the songs, as well as the places, people, and stories involved in the making of the next j.viewz album throughout a 10-month experience.

This breakdown of the songs will allow users to not only access the pieces inside a song, but in certain instances also:

  • Upload your own files and influence the album’s DNA
  • Download individual components and use them in your own songs, or tweak them and upload your version back to the site
  • Download Remix Files and create your own version of songs

When the DNA Project is complete, we’ll have a new kind of an album, one that you can reach into and trace each song back to its origin.

illustration of the finished album

For full details visit the Kickstarter page for the project.