Jack O’Rourke Shares ‘ Shining For You’

Katey was always my favourite cousin (sorry guys), and now with good reason. The other day she sent me a Whatsapp message with a link to ‘Shining For You’, the second single from Corkman, teacher, and singer songwriter Jack O’Rourke, and it has proven to be a nice surprise. The track is mournful, poppy and jazzy, kind of like if Tom Waits suddenly decided to write the catchiest song he could.

A classically trained musician, Jack has been at this music lark for a while. He grew up in a musical home, which has resulted in the “would be child of Edith Piaf and Tom Waits with Cork slang, hunched over piano keys.” He has spent the last two years recording his debut LP Dreamcatcher, but first is set to release an EP called The Other Side Of Now in June 2015.

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