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jared mees

New album Life is Long is out on 21 April via Tender Loving Empire.

Undoubtedly, one can easily get lost in the ruminations of your paranoid insomniac. The little person that resides in the depths of your mind whispering that you are not smart enough, pretty enough, capable enough, skilled enough… Just not enough. It’s also a sprite that will trick you into thinking life is super short by getting you running and racing all over the place, spending time away from the people and situations that you actually love and care about. Jared Mees latest track ‘Life is Long’, while not quite a battle cry, is certainly a whoop in the face of this foolishness.

Boasting the most delightful and laid back pace, the track is the tale of a life epiphany which has left the speaker in some sort of existential calm. Led by a slightly flanged and languid guitar line, the song is concerned with letting the listener know that the speaker is a great deal more content now that he has stopped trying to control absolutely every aspect of his life and is now at terms with the fact life controls him rather than the other way around.

All this rather heady subject matter is presented in a playful and luxurious packaging replete with guitars (both electric and acoustic), pianos, organs, triangles, and bloops, all of which are played with a lack of urgency that completely perfectly reflects the contentedness of the lyrics.

“My favorite thing about writing lyrics is that you can question life’s absolutes, its cliches and turn them on their head,” Mees explains. “This is what all my favorite old country songwriters would do. He continues, “I often hear people use the old adage ‘life is short’, followed by some sort of admonition to seize the day or take advantage of a situation ‘while you still can!’ But recently I’ve come to see this cliche as misleading. Life IS short if I am rushing through it, moving from one thing to the next without focusing or savoring or enjoying…it feels short and restricted and frightening.”

“But if I am looking into someones eyes and thinking of only them as we speak, or watching the sun dip beneath the horizon with soft grass under my feet or savoring the strange magic of a lullaby with my daughter, then, I am really making the moments LIVE. Then, time stretches out before me for miles and almost stops. In those moments life is anything but short; life is deep and wide and LONG.”

“This endeavor, to make the minutes last for days and the days for years and the years for centuries is what this song and this new collection of songs is all about. It took me five years to make, but looking back it feels like a lifetime.”

Pre-order Jared Mees’ new album Life is Long via iTunes.

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