JAWS Share New Track ‘Right In Front Of Me’, Announce New LP

Simplicity  Will Be Out On November 4th.

After the critical and commercial success of their debut album Be Slowly, Birmingham based alternative rock/dream pop trio JAWS have announced the release of their second album Simplicity and shared the first track to be gleaned from the record, ‘Right In Front Of Me’.

Featuring slightly more slick production than their rather DIY debut, ‘Right In Front Of Me’ sees the band follow the direction they took with stand alone single ‘Bad Company‘ and adopt an urgency and drive that they only touched on sporadically on Be Slowly.

Fear not, Connor Schofield’s dreamy and naive vocals are still very much present, as is JAWS knack with crafting a melody using ‘simplicity’ and lots of echo and reverb. The track sees the rhythm section take a more central role, propelling the track and providing a sense of danger and urgency which should make this one a live favourite.

Simplicity tracklist:

1. Just a Boy
2. What We Haven’t Got Yet
3. Right in Front of Me
4. 17
5. Cast
6. Interlude
7. On the Sunshine
8. Work it Out
9. In the Morning
10. A Brief Escape from Life
11. The Invisible Sleep

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