Live Gallery: Jerry Fish @ St. Luke’s 28 December 2016

jerry fish

The charismatic Dubliner brings his theatrical and impassioned vaudevillian side show to Cork’s most unique live venue.

Jerry Fish has been at this music game for a good while at this stage. It is, after all, nearly thirty years since the formation of An Emotional Fish, the band with which he made his name. Despite this, the man shows little signs of any kind of slowing down. Tonight in St. Luke’s it is just himself accompanied by piano, but such is his presence and commitment that the performance feels enormously larger than life.

Drawing on the experimentation of Tom Waits, and the inclusiveness of musical theatre, Fish leads the audience like some kind of demented preacher, descending into the crowd to pull members of the crowd out to dance with strangers. Beautiful. Fish is a performer that is all too rare these days. He is one that seems as if he is gracing us from another world, an alien that is visiting to teach us about love, life, and having a good time.

There is no doubt that those in St. Luke’s church are most delighted to learn at the altar of Fish.

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Photography by Shane J Horan.

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